"Hair work"

In the last few months I have been working more and more with hair. As I keep circling around the theme of induvality and identity, I am getting closer and closer to the 'material' of hair. So far I have not come across a stronger and more diverse material with which I can express what I want to express so clearly, precisely and well. The following are the latest works of the last few months.


NEXUS is an exhibition series of the ark e.V., which is currently taking place for the 4th time (5.9.2021 - 16.1.2022). The exhibition encourages the artists of the group to engage in dialogue with the building in which the exhibition is shown, the history, the landscape or its exhibits. This time the museum in Boppard is the host of this wonderful exhibition.

I created the following work for the exhibition NEXUS IV at the Museum Boppard:




The history of the castle, the museum and the town of Boppard is written by and about men. Women are not mentioned, except as saints or, in passing, as wives. With my work, I want to bring the unmentioned women into the museum.

I spin colourful women's hair and crochet a light curtain from the resulting threads. The piece is made as a whole. An almost endless-looking ribbon, light and transparent through the play of shimmering hair.
The curtain shows the identity of a large number of women, represented by their hair, made in feminine-looking handicraft. It is not drawn open, remains closed, and yet it reveals history, shows what is hidden, uses the stylistic device of the curtain as a projection surface to restage the role of women in the writing of history.

The dimensions are approx. 250 x 420 m.





"A Portrait of Hannah Ryggen"



I made this work for the exhibition NEXUS - "Northern Lights :: in dialogue with Nordic cultural worlds". The exhibition was organised by ark e.V. and opened on 6.8.2020 at Haus Metternich in Koblent. I have chosen to work on a portrait of Hanna Ryggen.

Here is my text on the work, which was also published in the catalogue:

Hannah Ryggen, (* 21 March 1894 in Malmö; † 2 February 1970 in Trondheim) was a Swedish-Norwegian textile artist. Her large tapestries could be admired in the recently completed exhibition at the Schirn in Frankfurt. Her "woven manifestos" are reflections on conditions she sees critically. Her language is direct and narrative. In her actions, she is fearless and mercilessly consistent. During the German occupation of Norway in World War II, for example, she hung her hand-woven carpets, which were critical of the atrocities and the political power structure, in plain view on a clothesline in front of her house *1

My work is also a weaving piece, it does not resemble those of Hannah Ryggen at all. Rather, I use the process of weaving and spinning, as well as the materials, hair and grey wool, to make clear what I want to express about Hannah Ryggen.

Hannah Ryggen, a strong woman, a Nordic weaver, a fearless fighter for freedom of expression, democracy and justice. Hannah Ryggen, symbolised by main hair, spun and woven by herself. Symbol of identity and individuality. Our hair, unmistakable in its DNA, unique and never the same. Spun into a thread, woven into a whole. The background, three grey areas, connected to each other by hair, spun hair. In the middle the cross of hair, it connects and unites, not for nothing it could also be read as a plus.

My weaving is a homage to this self-confident, critical, direct, political, strong and very courageous woman, a portrait of her individuality, an expression of her free will. But it is more than a homage, it is also a call to stay awake, to defend our democracy, to visibly step out of the crowd and not to completely give up the thread.

*1 (Source Wikipedia and BBC 4, 18.12.2017, Hannah Ryggen and her tapestries of protest“).








This work - 'ego' shows crocheted hair in a honeycomb frame. I have removed the honeycomb, the collection point of the bee colony, from the frame and placed a crocheted area of human hair in its place. This work is also about individuality and identity. The individual takes the place of the group. The surface is not crocheted to the end. It does not completely fill the frame. The thread is not sewn either. It hangs open downwards and leads to the ball.

"I spin my chic thread and create my life. I can keep crocheting or unravelling. It is my choice how I fill my frame .... "




'ME and YOU' are so far two works that move in the same thematic field as 'ego'. Here, too, I have taken the honeycomb out of the honeycomb frame and set something new in its place. This time it's a woven piece made of wool and spun hair.








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